Fechheimer Command Powerstretch Long Sleeve Shirt

ITEM #: FEC-35W78Z


Performance Polyester shirts are by far the easiest to care for. Machine wash, dry, and wear. Not only does this amazing fabric retain its resilience, staying bright wash after wash, but breathes to give year round comfort. VISA System 3 is permanent and wont wash out. Its designed to wick away moisture and accelerate soil release when washing.

Fabric Weight/Weave: 7-7 1/2- oz., Plain Weave
Side knit panels have perforated fabric for increased air ventilation
Camera and communication ready wire pass through under pocket flaps, epaulets and along side seams
Shoulder straps cross stitched symmetrically for neater appearance
2 front vertical map pockets with Velcro closure to keep items secure
Supercrease military-styled creases front and back
Pleated pockets and scalloped flaps with Velcro closure and matching buttons
Patented Freedom Collar on long sleeve styles adding comfort stretch when wearing a tie
High luster Polyester, Twill finish on collar and yoke
Full badge sling
Conventional collar and band with permanent collar stays on long sleeve styles and convertible sport collar with permanent collar stays on short sleeve styles

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