TCI Tact-Lite Earpiece System



TACT-LITE Earpiece systems include your choice of our quality straight cable option, PRO-Series Clear/Coiled Acoustical Tube or Black Soundwaves/FC R3H Earcoil Upgrade and TACT-LITE Earmold or Sound Attenuation Ear-Insert
TACT-LITE Earpiece System are configured to your specifications for use with your earpiece-compatible remote speaker microphone
The Soundwaves/FC R3H provides excellent audio clarity and a progressive look
The PRO-Series Coiled Acoustical Tube is also a popular choice because of it's low-profile (virtually invisible) style
This package includes the best components available, because we understand the importance of a high-performance earpiece
For optimal audio clarity and longevity, select the Soundwaves/FC R3H earcoil option
The Soundwaves/FC R3H offers a high-tech, progressive look and the latest improvements in audio response
Soundwaves/FC R3H earcoils are not subject to problems with condensation accumulation, and discoloration coiled audio tube systems

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