5 Steps to Properly Store Your Body Armor

Proper storage and frequent inspection of your vest can help you maintain the life of your armor.

General guidelines for storing your body armor are below, however, you should also refer to the guideline recommended by the manufacturer.

1. Armor should be stored flat at room temperature in a dry, shaded place that minimizes exposure to direct light. NEVER bunch your armor, or place anything else on top of it.

2. Armor may be hung from a specially designed robust hanger made for body armor. Wire or some wooden hangers will break or buckle under the weight of the armor. Do NOT hang armor by the carrier straps, as this may cause the straps to stretch and lose their original shape and fit.

3. Turn the body armor inside out or open and lay flat to allow moisture to evaporate.

4. Air dry damp armor prior to storage.

5. Armor should not be stored in a low airflow environment, such as the bottom of a locker, nor in a potentially extreme hot/cold environment, such as the trunk of a vehicle.

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