TCI Liberator II Headset System



TCIs Liberator II tactical headset provides an exceptional convergence of communications and hearing protection and was designed to military durability standards and offers low-profile ear-cups for compatibility with various tactical helmets, state of the art digital sound processing for optimal reproduction of environmental sounds and leading radio frequency (RF) shielding.

Patented Digital Threat Compression Technology (DTCT) safely reduces hazardous ambient sounds while simultaneously providing the user with continuous situational awareness. These progressive attributes, as well as an array of others, enable the Liberator II tactical headset to be worn comfortably under MICH, ACH, PASGT, Ops-Core, and other ballistic helmets and provide the performance that supports operator safety and mission completion. Our robust design includes an industry-leading, dual-layer waterproofing process for phenomenal protection of electronic components and vastly increases the lifespan of the equipment.

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