TCI Tactical Enforcement Modular Communication System



Low-Visibility Modular Earpiece with or without PTT

The Tactical Enforcement Communications System (TECS) gives operators a low visibility high-quality tactical earpiece with a modular option.

TECS offers exceptional audio performance and since it was designed with modularity in mind, any TECS kit can be adapted in a cost-effective manner to include other types of mission-specific TCI headsets Simply connect the headset to an existing TECS Push-to-Talk. There are a wide array of tactical headsets available for use with the Push-to-Talk (PTT) from the TECS kit.

TECS can be concealed without degradation of audio performance for low-profile missions, or work with a tactical vest or ballistic carrier for tactical missions. You can also select either a TACT-LITE Earmold (various sizes) or the sound-attenuating ear-insert. The TECS is compatible with an array of conventional and specialized helmets, as well as many combinations of public safety and military communication radios.

The quick disconnect between the Push-to-Talk and earpiece gives officers and first responders the capability to hot swap from a low-visibility earpiece to other headset options without major duty gear reconfiguration.

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